Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today was my day for shopping and deals:

First stop dollar store:
-two small garden ornaments for friends dinner gift $3.00 total
-three small scrap books for future gifts $3.00 total
-four "c" batteries for Harley's game $3.00 total

Second stop thrift shop:
-two pairs of jeans for Summer
-one pair jeans for Zoe
-two pairs of jeans for Harley
-four older magazines for me
Grande total cause it was %50 off day: $10.21!

Third stop Walmart:
-six prints at photo shop $1.14

Fourth and final stop Staples
-100 pack shipping tags for scrapbooking $4.99
-two packs of disney stickers $2.40
-index card box $1.96

Todays grande total: $29.70 for a LOT of things!

I was proud of myself for finding such great deals! The kids all loved their new pants (they are in great condition!) and I have some new scrappy stuff to make!

Don't you love a good deal day! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Presents and surprises!

Well life is full of presents and surprises isn't it.

Lets see....why not start with the surprise I had today....I go into the bathroom and my oldest has put perfume on to go outside and play tag with the boys....she is 11. I am clearly too young and not prepared for this stage of life. I have had "the talk"....she knows she can talk to me or tell me anything....BUT I'M STILL NOT READY....ok calming down....I'll just ask mom! That will work! :)

So the present I created today was for my good friend Kris. She had a birthday last week. Yes I know I know I'm late, but my excuse is good, part of the gift had to come from Vancouver. She liked the gift and I liked creating it and giving it!
Isn't it great that life is full of presents and surprises.....oh whatever does life have in store for me next! ;)
Above is the latest gridwork that I created for Kris's present.

Love L.


It's funny when we discover as adults that we really enjoy playing!

Playing can be the description for a lot of things I have discovered in the last couple days.

*playing under Harley's new "raised up" bed is fun....I always wanted a fort!
*playing with my gridworks paper is fun!
*playing with my cell phone and sending out text to my friends!
*playing with the computer....holly molly there is a lot of information on the net!
*playing with my blog can be interesting....I might come up with some interesting things for here...be patient while I play! :)

Don't forget to PLAY! it's fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Life happens!

Wow my life has sure exploded on me! In a good way but holly molly!

I really want to get back into blogging more...barely got started! I have just finished up a bunch of bookwork at work and at home....yes I actually have to work work sometimes! lol...so now I feel like I can get creative again.

I would like to spend some time working on this blog thing...i'm currently not happy with the look of my blog...gotta research that some more in the next couple weeks. I also need to finish up a friends birthday present, get my custom order grid done and also work on Danielle's wedding invitation template....boy looks like I might be busy for a bit longer! I love it! I'm not complaining.....just telling :)

Will post more in the next few weeks...promise!

Love L.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time flies!

Wow time flies! I have decided I just don't have the time to make enough works to go in the craft fair at the end of the month. I also need to create the stands that I will use when I do go in a fair so that is now on the list! I will go to the fair and check it out to get a better understanding of what I want my display to look like, then I will sign up for the fall one forsure!

I am currently still working on a custom piece and an ABC piece. I was starting to feel like it was a job instead of art! Not good! Anyways back to feeling like it is art. Next week is a friends birthday so I will be working on that one next week as well. Yesterday I altered a notebook for Danielle to use for her wedding planning....will post pics next week in case she is reading this...at least she won't see it! lol

Kids and I are off to Ucluelet for Friday night. We will be staying with Danielle and Rob at her parents B&B and Khristi/Derek & Kids will be joining us too! Danielle and Rob are going to be serving up a Mexican meal! YUM! We will be bringing our Wii for hours of fun and bathing suits too for the hot tub! It is good to hang with friends....we should all do it more!

The kids are all healthy, the dogs need to be groomed desperately and I am learning to not care as much about the dirt on the floors...all is well :)

Love L.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Creating, creating, creating....need sleep!

Wow! Creating is exhausting! lol....now I get why an artist's house is messy...could never understand that, being the organized clean freak I was, but I get it now. The other day I actually looked in the girls room and thought OMG and just shut the door!! AND I left the house with a pile of dishes that needed to be done! So all in all I guess I am turning over a new leaf...and it's ok!

Tonight I don't have a picture to post but I am working on two pieces. One is a ABC piece and the other is my custom order I received. Wow custom orders are harder than I thought they would be....but it did come together...just harder to think of what would please someone else!

All the kids are well. Kevin was here for the weekend and we all enjoyed seeing him!

I am definitely going to need to step up the work if I plan on having 20 for the craft fair...maybe I won't need that many....lets just see how many I get done! ;)

Cheers for now
Love L

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girly Girl

Tonight I was feeling the girly girl in me!! So pink it is!! I managed to incorporate pink without it being over the top I think. Also a first for me is the photo's and the diecuts together. Wow so many ideas and only two hands!

Hope you like. Remember any ideas shoot them my way!

Love L.


Well life takes over sometimes that is for sure! My Zo Bear had a big fall yesterday. She was on a tire swing at the neighbours and it gave way at the branch....she fell to the ground hitting the side of her head (just behind her ear) on the stump that they climb up on to swing. Off to the emergency room we went....she has no bone damage (thank goodness) just soft tissue...which is producing a good bruise and a very stiff neck! Poor girl!

So her and I have a day off today....no school with a stiff sore neck!

Yesterday I received my first custom order! I am super excited to create it...have plenty of ideas! And I need to keep on track with the number of pieces I would like to create for the craft fair at the end of the month! Yikes....20 seems like so many right now! But I can do it!

I will post them as I make them!

Thanks for looking....and thanks for your comments (I changed the settings so you can leave a comment even if your not a blogger now!) I love reading them...it's inspiring to know your friends think your work is great!

Have a super great day! Hug your kid/s today....you both are precious!

Love L

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Wow, Sure is a lot to be creative...who knew it would be soooo much work! lol. So today I had to find a box to save my creations, I can't possibly frame them all before they are sold, of course there is no such thing as "one stop" shopping anymore....so off to another store to find the right Canvas paper, which I might add is not cheap! Then to scrap store, I'm not complaining at all here ;), for some new paper to match the pictures I have an idea for.

So I realized tonight I work really really well with the tunes on! It is almost like it gets me right into my creative groove! Which is awesome and very funny at the same time...as I'm cutting and sticking I look over and Harley is dancing away! We are gonna be a dancing, grooving, creative house from now on I can feel it! and boy does it feel good!

So this is what I created tonight....the pictures are from my mom's & dad's garden....I love my their garden...I just love that they know how to grow something so beautiful, I know I know they grew me! lol, but really you should see their yard in the summer...it is amazing! I will for sure be doing more creations from their inspirational yard!

First Time

Wow! I did it! I created my first blog. Ok maybe it's not a big deal to most....but to little ol' me it is!

I have created this blog to showcase my art. Grid Works! I will post a picture as soon as I figure that portion out! And of course once and awhile I might go on a bit about my life ;)

Off to learn more!